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You can no longer afford the delays caused by waiting on, searching for, or wasting time working on the data because it's incomplete or wrong. You have to get operational data to the right person in the right format the first time. PryCop consultants use best practices and proprietary technology to collect data as close to the source as possible, with quality control built in to the data collection process. Once collected, data can be served up in a ready-to-use format to whatever application calls for it

We take pride in delivering excelling services with fast return of investment. We focus on what creates value to our customers. Our secret of creating the ultimate customer experience relies on a repeatable, reliable three-phase approach.

  • PHASE 1: PROOF OF VALUE: Select a representative business performance improvement case, quickly deploy a PryCop issue mitigating solution to demonstrate value, and estimate the necessary budget for a pilot project;
  • PHASE 2: PILOT PROJECT : Incorporate the lessons learned in phase 1 into a scaled-up solution, select a high impact business case, execute pilot scope, evaluate results, estimate the impact of an enterprise level solution deployment;
  • PHASE 3: ENTERPRISE DEPLOYMENT : Incorporate the lessons learned in phase 1 into a scaled-up solution, select a high impact business case, execute pilot scope, evaluate results, estimate the impact of an enterprise level solution deployment;


It’s not just about data scientists, Subject Matter Experts are also key to data quality assurance and management success. At PryCop we combine Engineering, Pipeline Integrity, Facility Integrity, and Data Science subject matter expertise with best in class technology to deliver cost effective, reliable solutions.



Use proprietary AI engines to automate data extraction FROM paper, dwg, PDF, jpg, png, gif and other document formats • Use proprietary AI and rule based engines to detect and correct data errors • Compare information stored in various systems such as Maximo, SAP, ABADATA, ElTigre, home-grown databases, or Excel files to establish the correct value for each entity • Automatically compute critical parameters such as short term corrosion rates, long term corrosion rates, next inspection dates, and asset remaining life • Automatically prepare data for loading into your existing data systems

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Data Extraction, Validation, Transformation
Data Cleansing, Integration, Migration


Our AIMPlus PLATFORM offers is one complete solution that enables you to effectively manage the integrity of your piping, vessel, safety devices, tanks, instruments, and more throughout the entire asset life cycle. We are also prepared to serve the needs of those who already have an asset integrity management system but are lacking the specialized functionality available in our PLUS suite of stand-alone applications. Our PIPEPlus, PVPlus, PSVPlus, TANKPlus, MOCPlus, IOWPlus, and RISKPlus software packages will seamlesly integrate with your existing systems to provide the exact functionality you are missing. PAY ONLY FOR WHAT YOU NEED!

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PryCop Managed Data Cycle

It is our job to make data available when is needed and where is needed. We have the ability not only to beam essential information to every location in your business environment but also to ensure it is correct and up to date.


Use proprietary AI engines to quickly, accurately and cost-effectively extract information trapped in paper, dwg, PDF, jpg, png, gif and other document formats. As an Amazon partner we have access to the latest text and image recognition technologies.


Data goes through basic automated type, range, code, structure and consistency checking and is further validated against over 600 asset integrity related rules developed based on API 510, 570, 576, 580, 581, 584 & 653, ISO, ABSA and other codes & standards.


Static, inspection, maintenance, and process data is cross-checked against design / as-built, MDR, inspection documentation, field Excel sheets, home-grown databases, and any other internal storage system to ensure "source of truth" compliance.


PryCop proprietary technology helps correcting, replacing, modifying, or deleting corrupt, irrelevant, or inaccurate records from a record set, a table, or database.


Converting data from one format or structure into another format or structure is either an important step in data integration or a required phase prior of importing data into other systems such as maximo or SAP.


PryCop delivers integration platforms that allow for transfer of information among enterprise systems(Maximo, SAP, etc.), asset integrity data storage applications (Maxi-Trak, Visions, ABADATA, etc.), DCS or SCADA systems, measuring devices, Excel sheets text files and a multitude of other sources.


Discover patterns in data sets by involving methods at the intersection of machine learning, statistics, and database systems. The overall goal is to extract information hidden in a data set and transform the information into a comprehensible format for further use


PryCop experts use data visualization and reporting tools such as PowerBI to prepare and disseminate decision ready information to various stakeholders regarless of their location.




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In contrast to a project-based model that requires a larger up-front cost, and perhaps even hardware updates, a subscription-based approach helps organizations more evenly spread out their costs. This allows small businesses to access powerful technology end expertise that would have otherwise be unattainable.


40 hours/month

2 HOUR Response Time

50GB FTP Site

Daytime Coverage

PDF, Paper, Excel

2 Custom Reports

15 Data Inspection

10 Data Extractions

30 Validated Fields

2 Consultancy Hours


80 hours/month

1 Hour Response Time

65GB of Storage

8 am to 10 pmCoverage

PDF, Paper, Excel or SQL

5 Power BI Reports

20 Inspection Routines

20 Data Extractions

50 Validated Fields

10 Consultancy Hours


140 hours/month

Near Real Time Response

100GB of Storage

24/7 Coverage

Data Source Integration

10 Power BI Reports

30 Inspection Routines

40 Data Extractions

100 Validated Fields

10 Consultancy Hours


AI Technology

Data Matching

Data Validation

Data Profiling

Data Standardization

Data Cleansing

Multi-Domain Support

Data Enrichment Support

Master Data Quality


Data Extraction

Storage Migration

Cloud Migration

Application Migration

Pre-Migration Planning

Solution Design

Build Migration Code

Validate Migration

Post-Migration Support


Data Source Integration

Data Abstraction

Data Analytics

Machine Learning

BI Services

Data Warehousing

Data Visualization

Power BI Reports

Data Engineering

Asset Integrity Management
Turnaround Optimization
Data Extraction from Paper, pdf, images
Organization Management of Change
Risk Assessment
Artificial Inteligence
Data Mining